Why Screen?

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We will make sure your screening processes meet any industry requirements such as, for example, the BS7858 standard for security personnel.

Outsourcing also ensures your company is compliant with other legislation relating to the Data Protection Act, and Employment Law e.g. the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. Industries vulnerable to activism can build in our activist checks, which highlight any possible links the candidate has to active groups. The same can also be applied to terrorism. Protection of your company’s brand and reputation; UK businesses are increasingly vulnerable to the reach and speed with which damaging stories can spread over social media. Screening can significantly mitigate the risk of brand damage by employees.

Pre-employment screening deters untruthful candidates, reducing time-wasting candidates.

Avoids fines from breaching legislation such as hiring without proof of right to work or not checking officers are SIA licensed in the security sector.

Finding the right candidate first time using the intelligence from PES reduces staff turnover and recruitment costs, which costs £5000 on average in the UK.

Streamline your HR department’s workload- no more time consuming reference chasing
Industry leading turnaround times for all screening levels
Outsourcing your pre-employment screening ensures an objective, fully auditable process