Employment Screening

Business people walking in the office corridor

Verbal CV verification
o This would involve contacting previous employers by phone and asking them to confirm dates of employment, plus any details relevant to the candidate’s new position

3/5/10 year written verification
o Previous employers will be contacted for written verification of dates and other relevant details
o Details given by candidates will be independently verified by members of the Inkerman Team to avoid false references

Gap Verification
o Fairly frequently gaps in employment history can occur, when an individual is looking for work, travelling or claiming benefits
o The Inkerman Group is experienced in the verification of gaps and the types of documentary evidence which can be provided as proof

Employers are becoming increasingly cautious about providing references which could be construed as negative, however they too are bound by legislation as neglecting to warn a company when given the opportunity about a potentially damaging employee can make them liable for a negligence claim.