The Inkerman Group sponsors The Security Institute’s Manifesto

Last week The Inkerman Group sponsored The Security Institute’s launch of its for Professional Security at the Churchill War Rooms to a selected audience from within the national security profession. The Manifesto which sets out their manifesto for the future, including a series of initiatives which they believe will benefit the Security Profession.

EThe Security Institute is the largest membership organisation for security professionals in the UK, but it has members worldwide and this year is their 15th year anniversary. The relationship between The Inkerman Group and The Security Institute is already well-established and was further cemented earlier this year when The Inkerman Group was appointed to provide al the screening and vetting services to The Security Institute.

The Manifesto presents a challenging and insightful review of the security industry and sets out its vision to make professional security more effective, recognised and respected for what it delivers to society, to organisations both in the public and private sector, and to individual members of the public – together with what they intend to do to make it happen.

“The Inkerman Group has long been a strong supporter of the development of the future of the security industry” explains Gerald Moor, CEO of The Inkerman Group “and this initiative places The Inkerman Group at the forefront of this industry-leading initiative from The Security Institute. So we welcomed the opportunity to be a part of it and look forward to continuing to work with the security institute to realise the vision presented in this manifesto.”


Finance Director Lied on CV and Stole £300,000

A finance director who stole more than £300,000 from recruitment giant Reed was recently jailed for four years.

The former head of global insurance and financial accounts claimed to have qualifications from ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) to get a job as a senior accountant with the firm in 2001.  However it was later discovered that she had used a forged certificate.

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Newly Discovered Roman Treasure

Last week it was announced that a wealthy Roman woman’s jewellery collection had been found in Colchester, buried in the floor of a house that was subsequently burnt to the ground during the Boudiccan Revolt in AD 61. A remarkable jewellery collection and reported to be one of the finest of its type to have been discovered in Britain, which included gold armlets, earrings and rings, together with silver chains.

The Inkerman Group (our parent company) was called in to assist in the protection and safe movement of the jewellery as it was transported to and from its secure location to the public venue at which the announcement of the finding was held. As well as the deployment of experienced security and close protection personnel providing physical protection, Inkerman tracking devices were also utilised so that the items could be tracked and monitored from the company’s 24/7 Operations Room here in Ashford, Kent.

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Fraudulent employment applications at record high

In the first half of 2014, over half of all the confirmed frauds (63%) recorded to the CIFAS Internal Fraud Database were Employment Application Frauds: frauds where job applicants have made serious fraudulent declarations about employment history, qualifications, criminal records and so on.

This is in keeping with the trends recorded during the previous year and underlines how vital it is for applicants to understand that lying in an application is far from harmless or acceptable.

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PRESS RELEASE – 7th August 2014

The Inkerman Group has been appointed by The Security Institute as its membership screening and vetting partner. The successful appointment comes following a competitive tender process and resulting in The Inkerman Group now providing security screening services for The Security Institute (SyI) members and its staff.

The Inkerman Group has been successfully delivering screening services for a number of years and for a broad range of clients and organisations, in both the private and public sector – on an international basis and throughout the UK. Screening services are bespoke to each client’s specific requirements and The Inkerman Group provides the full range of services available, including to due diligence levels.

This appointment by The Security Institute is both an important and prestigious one for the company. Gerald Moor, CEO of The Inkerman Group is delighted with the achievement, commenting on this new partnership he says “The Inkerman Group is delighted to have been appointed as The Security Institute’s screening provider and we are looking forward to a long and productive partnership together. We have been delivering screening services for many years – a business which has continued to grow and has led to a wide range of clients in both the public, commercial and private sectors. Being successful in securing this appointment is hugely important to us as it recognises the expected high standards required of our service delivery and we are very excited at the prospect of working with the team at The Security Institute.”

Emma Shaw, Chairman of the Security Institute comments, ‘We are absolutely delighted to welcome the Inkerman Partnership on board. Membership screening is vital to our professionalism and underpins the appropriate recruitment and validation of our members. Adopting the recognised British Standard in security screening ensures that we are able to take a balanced, rounded and accurate view of a prospective individual’s background when applying for membership of the Security Institute.”

Inkerman Group Screening Services include

  • Right to Work and Identity Checks
  • Employment History Verification
  • Qualification and Membership Checks
  • Criminal Record Checks – DBS Umbrella Body Status
  • Credit History
  • Due Diligence
  • Directorship Checks and Media Searches

The Inkerman Group is an international business risk and intelligence company working throughout the world to identify and monitor the risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing businesses today and delivering solutions that counter or mitigate them. The Group’s expertise covers all areas of risk, intelligence, travel safety, protection, investigations and security. Inkerman Screening is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Inkerman Group and provides all levels of pre-employment screening and due diligence.

Based in London, Ashford Kent, and Meerbusch Dusseldorf, Germany, and formed in 1996, The Inkerman Group consists of professional and highly experienced staff with a wide range of skills and expertise from military, government service, police and business backgrounds.

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Police Officer Jailed for Lying on CV

A police superintendent from Merseyside Police was jailed recently for lying on his CV. After a four year inquiry, it emerged that he had fabricated his degree (a BSC in Risk and Security Management), forged a certificate and lied about race relations experience to gain promotion.

Found guilty of fraud and misconduct in a public office, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Graduates warned of dire consequences of lying on CV

Graduates have been warned of the dire consequences of lying on their CV by the UK’s fraud prevention service, CIFAS. The warning was issued this month as University students country-wide will prepare to receive their degree results and attempt to enter into the competitive job market. The stark warning issued by the Chief Executive of CIFAS, Simon Dukes, stated that applicants who submit false or exaggerated information run the risk of dismissal, a criminal record or even imprisonment. Many graduates are unaware that job application fraud is a criminal offence but have been warned that ignorance is no excuse if they are to be caught. The statistics have been released as the Office for National Statistics revealed that the UK youth unemployment rate dropped to 18.5% in the three months to April.

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Employment Fraud on the Rise

The economic turndown has had a measurable impact on employment fraud, both from the perspective of companies and job seekers. With a more competitive job market, some applicants have turned to inflating their CVs to improve their job prospects, whilst others have fallen victim to false job advertisements. According to the UK’s fraud prevention service, CIFAS, corporate insider fraud increased by 18% from 2012 to 2013, with 638 confirmed instances in the UK. However, for the first time, the largest share of these frauds occurred at the recruitment stage. Analysis of recorded insider frauds in 2013 found a 71% increase in attempts to gain employment by fraudulent means, including falsely stating qualifications and omitting information, such as unspent criminal history and adverse credit records. Whilst this rise shows that some applicants still feel pressured to falsify their CVs, it should be seen in context with the fact that more companies are screening potential employees to mitigate fraud risks.

On the other side of the recruitment process, job applicants have also found themselves victims of fraud, with a growth in the number of false advance fee job advertisements. Current scams include fake job advertisements which require the applicant to pay up to £250 in advance fees for non-existent criminal records checks. Such adverts often impersonate well-known businesses, leading to reputational risk headaches for legitimate employers. The recruitment industry’s anti-fraud body, SAFERjobs, has called for recruiters to step up efforts to identify job scams, after receiving twenty separate reports of the criminal records check fraud within four weeks.

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