How we work

Group Of Business People Analyzing Graphs and Charts in OfficeAt The Inkerman Group, we believe that there is no ‘fits all’ package for pre-employment screening, and we are experienced in working with clients to develop a solution which can integrate seamlessly with your in-house team and their existing processes and recruitment procedure. We currently service clients across a range of private and public sectors, including finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, judiciary members and charities. Our helpdesk monitoring facility is 24/7 in line with the rest of our business and experienced team members will be available, both for candidates and clients, throughout the process.

We offer our clients a bespoke, tailored service – specifically crafted for their individual requirements. Recognising that clients have different challenges, our approach is to work in partnership with them to deliver the best screening services – and we bring a flexible, can-do and professional approach to this process. Integrity and confidentiality remain core to the delivery of our services at all times.